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  Disposable toilets: The solution to bathroom use post-disaster admin 2017-07-26 1086  

Disposable toilets: The solution to bathroom use post-disaster

The toilet is one thing that some may take for granted in the case of a disaster. 

Relief groups found that 31 percent of survivors need a restroom within three hours of a disaster. An additional 36 percent need relief within four to six hours. Earthquakes and tsunamis destroy infrastructure, including sanitation systems. That could lead to the spread of diseases. Researchers said people trapped in office towers or rubble without working toilets could get sick from exposure to raw sewage. 

Businesses in Japan take precautions by providing a variety of disaster toilets to individuals and families. The toilet kits help people take care of themselves until help arrives and can fit in a desk drawer. The kits usually provide a frame and plastic. They''re like a disposable diaper and can be burned later.  Some kits even provide a poncho for privacy.

To find an American version of the toilet kits online, search "disposable toilet." They can also be used while camping, hiking, or even on long road trips with kids.

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