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You've been flushing your toilet wrong! Microbiologist reveals how failing to close the lid causes infectious bacteria to fly 15 FEET across your bathroom

If you've been leaving the lid up once you've finished using the toilet then you might want to think again.

It has been revealed by Business Insider that 'when you flush a toilet, the swirling water that removes your waste from the bowl also mixes with small particles of that waste, shooting aerosolised feces into the air'.  This unfavourable phenomenon is known as 'toilet plume' and is enough to make you never leave the lid up again.   

Fortunately, newer low-flow toilets have managed to lessen the chances of this happening but a lot of older toilets are still in use and so the risk is still there.  Microbiologist Philip Tierno told Tech Insider: 'It is a good idea to lower the seat, especially if the bathroom is used by multiple people.'

This is because aerosol plumes can actually reach a whopping height of 15 feet when the toilet is flushed. What's even more scary is the fact that these potentially infectious bacteria and viruses can reach far across the room and even contaminate places such as the nearby sink, the floor and even your pot of toothbrushes. 

A lot of us are guilty of keeping our toiletries in the toilet (hence the name) but it might be best to store them elsewhere. Invest in a cabinet for your toothbrushes and any mouth-related items so that they don't become dirty.  

Business Insider says: 'The microbes also remained on the toilet bowl's porcelain surface after multiple flushes, and while the number of microbes decreased after the first few flushes, the population leveled out and remained until it was scrubbed off (with or without a detergent).' If there isn't a toilet lid in a public bathroom, Tierno told the publication to 'exit at the time of the flush' and says it is important to remember to always wash your hands before you leave the bathroom. 

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