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  This Japanese toilet creates ‘ambient’ noises to mask the sound of you pooing admin 2018-05-25 1028  

If you're heading to Japan any time soon and someone who dislikes going to the loo in public then you'll want to seek out a Toto toilet while you're there.

 By Rosie Gizauskas.



ONLY in Japan would you find a toilet which has a setting to cover up the noises while you poo. But it’s a real thing and one Reddit user has posted a photo of the ultra-advanced loo from a manufacturer called Toto.


They captioned the photo: “This privacy button that covers the sound of your poop plops with ambient noises.” The button you press has a picture of a musical note on it very subtle indeed.


Another user gave even more of an insight into the world of the musical Japanese loo and the reasons behind it.


They said: “Was watching a doc about how Japan was handling things after the earthquake."


The Japanese are famed for their love of toilet tech - loos there come with all the bells and whistles


They continued: “It appears that some people were getting sick because they didn't feel comfortable enough with the normal noises to go to the bathroom in the emergency shelters.”


Another user said: “Must be in Japan. They love that kind of stuff.”


However one user did make a point, writing: “Those buttons definitely aren't clean.”


Definitely best to wash your hands after using it then.


Japan has long been known for it love of bum sprays - which get you far cleaner than you would normally be after using the loo.


And now plane design companies are taking inspiration from them - and we could be getting bidets on board planes soon.


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