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  Mr. Toilet Sim Jae-duck Foundation meets Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in China haewoojae 2013-08-24 1660  


'Toilet Innovation conference in China' was co-hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries(hereafter CPAFFC) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Beijing on August 22th, 2013.


Suwon city, a meca of the Toilet Culture Movement and Mr. Toilet Sim Jae-duck foundation which was founded in 2010 after Mr. Toilet Sim Jae-duck's passing ,former mayor of Suwon city and the first president of World Toilet Association, took part in the conference as an obsever and an envoy to Mayor Yeom Tae-young of Suwon city.


Mr. Lee Won-hyong who is a director of Mr. Toilet House(Toielt Culture Museum located in Suwon, South Korea) delivered a personally written letter from Mayor Yeom to Li Xiaolin, president of CPAFFC to congratulate her appointment as president of CPAFFC and celebrate holding a convention.


Participants of the conference expressed surprise that World Toilet Association's activities such as building public toilets in underdeveloped countires since it's eatablishment in 2007 by Mr. Toilet Sim Jae-duck and Korea's advanced toilet culture led by Suwon city, Korea.










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