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  Special Exhibition [The Loo Series] haewoojae 2013-04-18 1754  


- Title : The Loo Series of Brazilian Artist 'Paulo'

- Period : 2013.04.10(WED) - 2013.05.31(FRI 

- Venue : 2F Temporary Exhibition Hall

- Tickets : Free

- Information

Artist Statement :

The Loo Series

The Loo Series is a flirtatious and eccentric body of work featuring bathrooms, an important subject that is and will always be part of our lives, as well as in our art.

This series of paintings plays with the idea of solitude, private versus public space and the old-fashioned status that these ideas might hold in the foreseeable future. New technology based on important research is taking our bathroom experience toward a new revolutionary future.

As important as they are odd, toilets play a crucial role in our lives. In South Korea, Mr. Toilet House "Haewoojae" is a one-of-a-kind museum dedicated exclusively to this subject. The World Toilet Association as well as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are avid contributors toward this cause, protecting human rights worldwide and lovely saving many lives where help is needed.

The first bathroom painting was done while living in São Paulo-Brazil in 2010, and later, while living in San Francisco in 2011 and 2012, I developed the idea into a series of nine paintings and three prints.



Bio :

Paulo Sultanum

Born in Recife-Brazil, in 1998 Paulo moved to Boston USA to get his Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing & Advertising. 2008 - Back again in São Paulo-Brazil, he studied fine arts at Panamerican School of Arts and took some trips to Europe to absorb its art. In 2011, he moved once more to San Francisco-USA, where he has made his home. Paulo got a study abroad exchange program Scholarship at Soonchunhyang University-South Korea in 2012. Currently, he stays in San Francisco-USA and continues his exploration and study of fine arts.


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