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Mr. Toilet House(解憂齎) means a house to satisfy anxiety. The term originates from Haewooso(解憂所), a temple toilet.

Sim Jae-duck or Mr. Toilet destroyed his house where he lived for 30 years and built a house that looked like a toilet to celebrate the birth of the World Toilet Association.
The house was named Mr. Toilet House. It was constructed based on design by Go Gi-woong, an architect in March 2007.
The construction was finished on November 11, 2007.
Mr. Toilet House shows how important a toilet is to humans as well as the toilet philosophy and faith of Sim Jae-duck. After the death of Sim Jae-duck, his family donated the house to Suwon in July 2009 after his will. Suwon remodelled the house to establish the "Mr. Toilet House, Suwon's toilet Culture Exhibit Hall"
From October 30, 2010, it became available to ordinary citizens for free.

Mr. Toilet Hosuse

  • Land1,994㎡
  • Total floor area418.17㎡
  • Building area239.09㎡
  • Exhibit Hall, first floor220.47㎡
  • Exhibition Hall, second floor138.73㎡
  • StructureSteel Frame, Ferroconcrete
  • Finishing materialsGalvalume,
    Urethane Powder,
    Semi-reflective Glass
  • DesignGo Gi-woong Architecture Office
  • ConstructorMoyang Co., Ltd.
  • Date of ConstructionNovember 11, 2007
  • RemodellerExpo Design Co., Ltd.
  • Opening DateOctober 31, 2010

Korea Record Certificate

  • Record nameThe biggest toilet structure
  • BuildingToilet House(解憂齎)
  • OrganizationOrganizing Committee for the General Assembly to establish the World Toilet Association
  • Committee chairSim Jae-duck

To celebrate the opening ceremony of the World Toilet Association in times when toilet culture and revolution becomes a new human trend with a purpoet to protect the human race from diseases and to enhance our respect for each other through hygienic and convenient rest rooms, a toilet structuer was construted from May to November 2007 on the 1,994.00m2 land with a building size of 239.09m2 and a total floor area of 418.17m2 in Imok-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon. So the Korea Record Institute recognizes this to be the country's first and largest structure and offers this certificate.
November 11, 2007
President of the Korea Record Institute

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