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[Special Exhibition]Rendezvous with Toilet
DATE 2016.10.15 ~ 2017.01.31 LOCATION 2F Temporary Exhibition Hall
SPONSORED Mr.Toilet House


Victor Hugo wrote in Les Miserables that “the history of men is reflected in the history of sewers.”

Bertolt Brecht, a german poet said: “The loveliest place on earth for him was not the grassy bank at his parents’ grave [but the toilet].” On average, a person spends a whole year at toilet over a lifetime; women spends about 376days and man spends 291days. Toilet is a place where I can quietly relax and do something for myself. In addition, sitting in the toilets, thoughts are organized and sometimes a good idea rushes into one’s mind. Level of toilets are often be used to designate the degree of civilization and cultural sophistication by scholars. It is true even theses days that the more advanced civilization has more developed toilets. Each country has continued efforts to maintain and build a clean and beautiful toilet place. Toilets with unique customs and traditions exist in all over the world.


Advance of Toilet culture in Suwon and Korea going further the world shows the flow of consciousness a moving ‘me’ to ‘you’ inducing ‘my society’ to ‘public’. Also it tells us how much our thoughts of toilets are changed. I have no hesitation in saying that public toilets in Suwon have a singular meaning in the fact that it brought a paradigm shift in characteristics of toilet space has not only its original function but also a special planning of environment and cultural factors.


See, Toiletsilluminates Toilet Movement including history of toilets in Suwon and origins of toilets. I hope you spend a meaningful time to remember someone’s efforts in Toilet Culture and look forward to being involved you with Toilet Movement.


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